Pillow Talk with the Word

I made another embroidered pillow today and polished the pillow back with embroidered buttonholes and covered buttons (covered with the material from the front of the pillow.) The embroidered buttonhole instructions came from Designs in Machine Embroidery by Eileen Roche – from her blog of May 15, 2013. The blog included the file to save to your machine – she is very generous!

The pillow inserts can get quite pricey, so I decided to order my own fiberfill on line – 25 lbs for $94 – little did I know how much 25 lb equals in fiberfill:) Will post a picture!

Saree hemming

Saree hemming

Just finishing up the embroidery on 48 aprons with the Cross and Flame for the Manchaca UMC Child Development Center. Now trying my hand at hemming Sarees for a lady from India. This work is very rewarding for its diversity!

The hem needed to be invisible on the right side of the fabric. I used black 60 wt thread in the bobbin and clear monofilament thread on top with the blind hem stitch. For the other hems, I’ll do a rolled hem with Bernina foot 63.

Customer Baby Bed Bumper Pad

Customer Baby Bed Bumper Pad

This custom bumper pad was made using the stripe from a previous window drape. The red ties and piping were made from the drapery valance fabric and new gray minkee fabric was used for the inside of the bumper pad. The padding is 1″ polyester quilt batting. This pad will match the roman shade shown in a previous post. These two bumper pads took about 9 hours to make, due to the time involved in repurposing used fabric.
NOTE: It is important not to use bumper pads until the baby is old enough to turn over or move away from the pad!

Duvet Cover and Bed Skirt

Duvet Cover and Bed Skirt

My beautiful customer gave me permission to share this photo of her bedroom. She is legally blind and she can see the bold, vibrant colors used in decorating her bedroom by her sister. I was commissioned to create the duvet cover and bed skirt for this queen size bed. The work included making 14.5 yards of piping which is used around the color block and completely around the duvet cover. The color block will eventually be decorated with applique art by the customer. I used velcro as the closure at the bottom of the cover. It does not interfere with the decorative effect of the piping.Time to make these two items was about 14 hours. (The duvet was not yet in the cover at the time of this picture.)

Patio Umbrella Fitting

Patio Umbrella Fitting

Last fitting of the umbrella to the mast. This has been an interesting experiment and I like it! This umbrella is 8 sections that are 55″ wide at the bottom edge – miles and miles of sewing. There are three sections that overlap to let the air flow. I really liked the old one and this one looks like it will fit just fine!!